Ice swimming promotes health and strenght

Gather your strenght and take and icebath in the icecovered lake! Known for its reputation of various health benefits, winter-swimming is at the same time frightening and rewearding experience! Here are some tips for beginners:

- Warm your body up! Skiing or jogging must be good options. Or you can just do 20 or so X-jumps to feel warm.

- Cover your feet. It's so much easier to handle the situation if your feet are not instantly freezing. A pair of ice-swimming shoes, woolen socks or tennis socks will do.

- Cover your head. Especially when its low tempertures such as -20 degrees, it helps so much when you don't loose body heat through your head.

- Get company. If you are a beginner do not go in the water by yourself. Even if ice-swimming is healthy it is however extreme shock to your body. Have someone to support you just in case.

- Enjoy! There are not many things that gives your body such a thrill afterwards - so, feel the tingling sensations all over your body.

Winter-swimming in Lentiira Holiday Village available daily during the winter season. Our guests can enjoy icebath is free of charge. For occasional guests we offer dressing room and shower facilities for a small charge. To be booked in advance.



Winter season is wonderful time to relax and enjoy the absolutely beautiful snow-covered scenery. Some five months lasting layer of ice and snow offer fantastic opportunities to experience winter wonders the northern latitudes. Here you find the best ideas and programs for winter and Christmas holidays in Lentiira. In addition to equipment rental - snowshoes, backcountry skis, ice fishing equipment - we also provide all-inclusive holiday programs.


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