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Lentiira village is located in the arctic lakeland Kainuu area, near eastern boarder in the middle of Finland. Lentiira belongs to Kuhmo municipality. The main town in the region is Kajaani with national airport, train and bus connections. To reach us takes 1,5 hour drive from Kajaani. Public transport in the area is poor and outside Kuhmo practically non-existing.  

Lentiira is an appealing stop-over destination for travellers driving the eastern route from south to North, from Koli to Hossa national parks, or, crossing the boarder to visit Russia. The main roads are in good condition with endless forest sceneries with light traffic. Here are some distances:

Nearest towns with domestic connections

- Kuhmo 45km  (bus, flight taxi service from Kajaani)
-  Kajaani 125 km (flight, train, bus)
- Kuopio 250 km (flight, train)
- Oulu 250 km (flight, train)
- Kuusamo 220 km (flight, bus)
- Rovaniemi 366 km (flight, train)

Hiking destinations

- Änättikoski rapids 5 km
- Iso-Palonen nature reserve 17 km
- Elimyssalo nature reserve 45 km
- Hiidenportti national park 84 km
- Hossa national park 154 km
- Koli national park 194 km

Cultural sites

-  Kirveskansa church memorial site 1km
- Vartius border crossing to Russia 30 km
- Juminkeko, Petola, Kuhmo-talo and Winter war museum in Kuhmo town 45 km
- Raate Road Winter War visitor centre 67 km


Lentiira Holiday Village
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