Dog-assisted elk hunting trips available in Lentiira.

Dog-assisted Elk Hunting, 4 nights package

Elk hunting represent ancient tradition in Kainuu area. These days hunters train their dogs to help with the hunt, that take place in October onwards. Dog-assisted elk hunting trip in Lentiira provides opportunity to get familiar with local lifestyle and hunt tradition in the arctic lakeland Kainuu region.

The local hunting club Lentiiran Jousi is permitted a specific quota of elk every years - more some years, fewer other years. Metsähallitus (Ministry of forestry) is in charge of hunting and game management in order to preserve a proper balance with the environment. Kainuu region has a good quantity of game in the area.

Elk meat is highly valued by local households and its availability is rather limited outside the homes of skilled hunters. Also Lentiira Holiday Village´s serves locally hunted game meat.

During the hunt, elks are scouted mainly with help of the local hunting dogs. We will enjoy our thoughtfully prepared bag lunches around an open fireplace trading humorous tales of past hunting experiences and just relaxing in the silence, beauty and fragrance of the wilderness.

Full package


Early October


2725€/person + hunting lisence approx. 150€

Inlcuding services
- 4 nights cottage accommodation w. sheets & towels
- breakfast, packed lunch and dinner
- guidance and transfers as stated
- smoke sauna experience

+ additional charges
- Calf game fee €500
- Cow game fee €600
- Bull game fee €900 + €45 per antler tine

English or German

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Day 1

Transfer from Kajaani flight/train connection to Lentiira Holiday Village. After check-in to accommodation the dinner table is ready at Pirtti restaurant followed by introduction to the hunting program the next day.

Day 2-4
After breakfast cirka 15 minutes drive to hunting area. Hunting will proceed with dogs or chase featuring picnic lunch by campfire. Seine fishing possible in the evening free hours before or after dinner. Sauna is heated up at least once during hunting days.

Day 5
Hunting in the morning with picnic lunch. Transfer to Kajaani for flight/train connection.

Good to know

Each hunter must have a valid hunting license and proper licenses for his personal weapon and ammunitions. He must send copies of these licenses to us before Finnish authorities will issue hunting permits.

Recommended personal equipment: rainwear, warm underwear, layered clothing and waterproof footwear.



Summer season starts usually after volatile spring months of April and May. Until late October the waters are running free for fishing and other activities, and, forests will be accessible for exploration. Below you find what to do in Lentiira during summer times. We support self-guided activities with best tips and equipment rental covering bikes, boats, canoes and fishing equipment. We provide also some guided programs and holiday packages for you to choose.


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