Northern Lights in Lentiira night skies around Eastern times.

Magical Northern Lights

Northern Lights dancing in the northern skies is a mesmerising sight! Aurora Borealis occurs occasionally from late August til mid April.

The polar lights spectacle demands solar winds and cloudless skies. When the conditions are right, we will alarm our guests of the opportunity to see northern lights in Lentiira. We give tips of the best spot to view and photograph the lights within walking distance from the resort.

Our partner Koe Kainuu conducts Northern Lights Hunters courses, where you learn to anticipate the appearance of northern lights, understand the mechanism of the phenomenon and adjust the camera settings to capture the northern lights. Northern lights guide Kerttu Komulainen, who started his career in Lapland and currently works in Kuhmo, is an experienced northern lights photographer.

You can go on foot for the northern lights trip, or why not take skis or snowshoes with you, in which case the terrain conditions will not be an obstacle when choosing an excursion route. From Lentiira Lomakylä you can rent snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, hunting skis or traditional cross-country skis for your northern lights trip.



Winter season is wonderful time to relax and enjoy the absolutely beautiful snow-covered scenery. Some five months lasting layer of ice and snow offer fantastic opportunities to experience winter wonders the northern latitudes. Here you find the best ideas and programs for winter and Christmas holidays in Lentiira. In addition to equipment rental - snowshoes, backcountry skis, ice fishing equipment - we also provide all-inclusive holiday programs.


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